The Perfect Home vs. the Best Home

The perfect home is the holy grail of house hunters, but is it really possible to find one? Is it realistic for home buyers to think the perfect home is out there, or is this an example of home buyer expectations that have gotten out of control? Have you ever come across a perfect home? […]

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Seven Small Home Benefits

You bought a starter home that gave you entry into the world of home ownership, but now, your requirements have changed … you’ve added a spouse or children, you’ve moved your office home, or you’ve started a hobby that requires more space than you have. Now, you want to sell your beloved home, but all […]

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February 23, 2017

Are You Ready for a Fixer Upper?

Maybe you have dreams of buying a new home but aren’t sure you can swing it financially. Perhaps you have visions of turning an otherwise shabby home into something from your dreams. Or maybe you’ve found a house that’s in the perfect neighborhood and is the perfect size but needs a little love. There are […]

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Make Your Winter Garden Beautiful

Just because Old Man Winter is here doesn’t mean that your garden can’t be beautiful! In fact, winter gardens can provide their own special kind of magic and wonder, seamlessly taking you on a visually appealing journey from fiery fall to gentle spring. Follow these tips to make your winter garden as gorgeous as it […]

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February 10, 2017